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Jan 14
Posted by Gina.

Ola Florence Likens – Mystery Solved


So I’m very happy to report that my mystery surrounding Ola has been solved, and much more quickly than anticipated. Thanks to my newly found, distant cousin, Franklin Bishop, I have confirmed that Ola did not die when she was just a few months old, and did indeed live until the 1970′s. Franklin is Ola’s adopted son and has been a huge wealth of information. We’re still not sure why there is a death register for Ola …

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Dec 8
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Percilla Ann Kight Gower [Gauer]


Hi everyone,
Quick update: I have internet at home! It took long enough but I no longer have to bring my laptop to work in order to get online, this is very exciting.
That being said, I’ve started up more research and right now I’ve hit a roadblock with the Gower/Gauer family. What I have so far: Percilla Kight (<a href=”″>Malinda Jane McRobie</a>, John William) married David Gower/Gauer. They had 13 surviving children, but for some reason the only one …

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