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Nov 14
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Hester Alice McRobie Mason


Hester Alice McROBIE (John William) was born in June of 1842 in Maryland. She died on 31 Jan 1911.
Hester married Joshua James MASON on 17 Jan 1861 in Allegany County, Maryland. Joshua was born on 5 May 1822 in Maryland. He died on 22 Jun 1906.
Joshua lived in Allegany County, Maryland. He was a Farm Laborer.
Hester and Joshua had the following children:
Mary Ellen MASON was born in 12 Nov 1861 in Maryland. She died 9 …

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Nov 8
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Francis Marion McRobie


Francis Marion McROBIE (John William) was born 19 May 1840 in Maryland. He died 15 Apr 1904. He is buried in the McRobie Cemetery on Green Glade Road in Swanton, Garrett County, Maryland.
Francis was a farmer. He served in the Union Army in the American Civil War. Francis enlisted at the rank of Private on 19 Dec 1861 in the 3rd Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry, Company D. He mustered out at the rank of …

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Nov 8
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Abraham Archibald McRobie


Abraham Archibald McROBIE (John William) was born on 26 Feb 1836 in Maryland. He died 31 Dec 1917 in Altamont, Garrett County, Maryland. It is thought he is buried in the McRobie Cemetery on Green Glade Road in Swanton, Garrett County, Maryland.
Abraham lived in Allegany County, Maryland. He worked as a farmer. He also fought for the Union Army in the American Civil War. Abraham was mustered in at the rank of Private in the …

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Oct 7
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Eleanora Silena McRobie Kelley


Eleanora Silena McROBIE (John William) was born in 1834 in Maryland. She was the oldest child of Delilah Murphy. Her date of death and place of burial are currently unknown.
Eleanora married Samuel J KELLEY on 17 Jun 1856. His date of birth and date of death are unknown.
Eleanora and Samuel had the following children:
Delilah L KELLEY was born in 1858 in Maryland.
David KELLEY was born in 1860 in Maryland.
Elizabeth KELLEY was born in 1862 in Maryland.
Roda A …

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Sep 28
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Malinda Jane McRobie Kight


Malinda Jane McROBIE was born in 20 Apr 1829 in Maryland. Malinda was the daughter of John William and his second wife. It’s thought that his second wife died in childbirth or shortly after Malinda was born. Malinda is the only child to live to a late age out of John’s second wife’s children. She died on 30 Apr 1896. She is buried with her husband in the Kight Cemetery on Maplewood Farm in …

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Sep 8
Posted by Gina.

Family Focus: Andrew McRobie


I’ve been doing so much research these past few weeks, I wasn’t even sure how to go about presenting it. First things first, I’ve found an awesome site that provides vital records for most West Virginian counties. Through this, I’ve managed to find birth registers, marriage registers, and death certificates (all scanned originals). The site is: It’s been an amazing wealth of information.
So I’ve decided to slowly focus on one person and their family at …

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Aug 26
Posted by Gina.

Births, Deaths, Military Service


Here’s just what I’ve organized so far:
Births1. Malinda Jane [McRobie] Kight – 20 Apr 1829 (see Gravestone transcription).
2. Henry Thomas Kight – 12 Nov 1828 (see Gravestone transcription).
3. Abraham Archibald McRobie – 26 Feb 1836 (see Death Certificate transcription).
Deaths1. John William McRobie – 19 Feb 1877 in Swanton, Garrett County, MD (see pension application transcription under Military Service).
2. Malinda Jane [McRobie] Kight – 30 Apr 1896Kight Cemetery Transcription, online transcription. Mineral County West Virginia Genealogy. (accessed 25 Aug …

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Aug 12
Posted by Gina.

Info Update


So here is the all new confirmed descendant chart:
For those of you with genealogy software I have even created a gedcom file:
This lists only those who I have confirmed via censuses and other reliable sources up until 1860. Some notes on them:
Sarah McRobie (daughter of John William & [Unknown])–thanks to an exchange with Marylynn Glover, I have confirmed that John William was indeed married twice before Delilah Murphy. Sarah is a daughter by his second wife that was …

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Aug 11
Posted by Gina.

Hey There, Delilah


This post was edited on 12 Aug 2007. See below for details.
So here are some things I find it poignant to bring up about John William and Delilah Murphy that I’ve noticed in my return to real research. I’m sure others have noticed these discrepancies before, but I haven’t found any discussions on them online yet. So here it goes.
[The following has been compiled from second-hand research through Wilma Sander’s book. The people I’ve spoken with …

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