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Aug 18
Posted by Gina.

Marriage Records until 1870


Some notes on the following marriage records:
1. These are all pulled from online databases. Some are transcriptions from books and others are compilations from records. They should not be considered fact in anyway, but rather a guideline for further research.
2. Everything under the headline (bolded names) is pulled directly from the source. This should account for any date and spelling discrepancies.
3. I have made personal notes in italics. All the notes refer to …

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Aug 6
Posted by Gina.

Elisha Dewitt’s line and WWI Registrations


So after a few weeks of a research lull, I was slammed with information this weekend and my obsession came back in full force. Thanks to a very distant cousin I was able to add a lot of Elisha Dewitt’s line to my tree. Previously I had only focused on John William and William (Jr.) as those are the two I’m directly related to. So now that I have more distant relatives than I know what to …

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