So after a few weeks of a research lull, I was slammed with information this weekend and my obsession came back in full force. Thanks to a very distant cousin I was able to add a lot of Elisha Dewitt’s line to my tree. Previously I had only focused on John William and William (Jr.) as those are the two I’m directly related to. So now that I have more distant relatives than I know what to do with, I decided it’s probably time I started to confirm some of these people with some real digging, and not just skimming.

First and foremost, here’s the most recent copy of my descendant chart: William_McRobie_Descendant_Chart.rtf
As always, it’s a text document so all can read.

I spent most of my day yesterday digging up WWI Registrations. I believe I have any McRobie that was registered in Maryland, but it’s always possible someone’s missing. I also haven’t checked for West Virginia or Ohio yet. I transcribed most of the information on the cards and compiled them into another text file to be found here:

The transcriptions include the following info: date of registration, current address, age, birthday, birthplace [only for some], occupation, name of employer, dependents or next of kin, height & build, eye & hair color.

I have .jpgs of the scans, if anyone would like to see the originals. Here are the men included on the list:
Alfred Elijah McRobie [b. 26 Nov 1874]
Abraham Archibald McRobie [b. 4 Oct 1887]
Thomas Allen McRobie [b. 25 Dec 1879]
Carroll Francis McRobie [b. 18 Jun 1897]
Charles Bliss McRobie [b. 12 Jan 1884]
Charles Edward McRobie [b. 22 Jun 1874]
Francis Luther McRobie [b. 3 Jun 1877]
Martin Leo McRobie [b. 27 Dec 1886]
Richard W McRobie [b. 13 Aug 1895]
William Henry McRobie [b. 3 Jul 1899]
Gordon Dryden McRobie [b. 1 Dec 1894]
John Oscar McRobie [b. 9 Apr 1895]
Newton Wesley McRobie [b. 30 Dec 1897]
William Henry Harrison McRobie [b. 2 Jul 1891]
Wyant Kelly McRobie [b. 15 Jun 1900]

There were also 3 men that I don’t have on the tree. If anyone knows how they fit in, please let me know! They are:
Clarence McRobie [b. 22 Apr 1893]
Daniel Arthur McRobie [b. 29 May 1879]
William Taylor McRobie [b. 16 Aug 1890]

Thanks to these cards all of these men have been confirmed on my chart. Slowly but surely I will get them all! *evil laugh*

I also have another confirmation.
Grace H McRobie [d/o William Hampton McRobie & Margaret Ellen Miller]
The Republican – Mar. 1, 1894 – Died – McRobie–Grace McRobie, the five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hampton McRobie, died on Tuesday and was buried to-day in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery, Oakland.
(DOD 27 Feb 1894. 5 Years old)

I don’t have her exact DOB, but this puts it somewhere between March 1888-Feb 1889.

That’s all from this weekend.