Percilla Ann KIGHT (Malinda Jane McRobie, John William) was born 29 Jun 1851 in Franklin, West Virginia. She died 14 Jun 1932 in Patterson Creek, Mineral County, West Virginia. She is buried with her husband in Gortner Union Church Cemetery in Gortner, Garrett County, Maryland.

Percilla married David Adam GOWER in 1868. David was born 2 Mar 1845 in Maryland. He died 19 Jul 1918 in Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland. He is buried with his wife in the Gortner Union Cemetery in Gortner, Garrett County, Maryland. He was a farmer.

Percilla and David had the following children:

Susan I GOWER was born in 1862 in Maryland.
Jacob Henry GOWER as born 4 Oct 1870 in Maryland.
Sarah A GOWER was born in 1871 in Maryland.
William Theodore GOWER, AKA Dorie, was born in 1872 in Maryland.
George GOWER was born in 1875 in Maryland.
John GOWER was born in 1877 in Maryland.
Hurley Johnson GOWER was born in 27 Nov 1880 in Maryland.
Charles Truman GOWER was born 24 Mar 1882 in Maryland.
Rosie May GOWER was born 10 Feb 1884 in Garrett County, Maryland. [Further notes below.]
Wilbert Newman GOWER was born 25 Nov 1885 in Maryland.
Bailey Carlton GOWER was born 22 Dec 1888 in Maryland. He died 20 Jun 1912.
Benjamin Markwood GOWER was born 21 Jun 1890 in Maryland.
Stella GOWER was born 19 Sep 1896 in Maryland.
Ettie F GOWER was born 31 Aug 1898 in Maryland.

Further information on Rosie May Gower:

Rosie May married Amos STRAWCUTTER in 1912. Amos was born in 1861 in Pennsylvania. He had two children with a previous wife: Guy (b. 1908) and Mildred (b. 1910). He worked with the railroad.

Rosie May has also been listed as “Ida May” in various sources. Regardless, she went by “May” throughout her adult life.

Rosie and Amos did not have any children together.

Notes on the last name:
I have seen the last name listed as both Gower and Gauer. It appears that David and Percilla kept with the Gower spelling, while some of the children spelled it Gauer. For my notes, I have chosen to stick with the Gower spelling in this post to keep it consistent.

I am still searching for information on:
Susan Gower
-This Susan Gower is not the Susan Gower/Gauer married to Truman Miller. It has been confirmed that that Susan Gower/Gauer was the daughter of Jacob and Susan Gauer, not David and Percilla.

Sarah A Gower
George Gower
John Gower
Charles Truman Gower
Stella Gower

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