Some notes on the following marriage records:
1. These are all pulled from online databases. Some are transcriptions from books and others are compilations from records. They should not be considered fact in anyway, but rather a guideline for further research.
2. Everything under the headline (bolded names) is pulled directly from the source. This should account for any date and spelling discrepancies.
3. I have made personal notes in italics. All the notes refer to the previous research showcased in this blog. All speculation is based only on what I’ve found so far, and not on unsourced information.
4. If anyone has any sourced information (i.e. Bible records, Church records, Marriage licenses, etc…) to confirm these, I would love to see them. It will be awhile before I can make the trip to Maryland myself. Please email me at

Here is the text file: McRobie_Marriages_Until_1870.rtf

Couples included in this file:
William McRobie & Sarah Paugh
John McRobie & Margaret Murphy
Andrew McRobie & Elizabeth Ann Murphy
Sarah McRobie & Martin King
Sarah McRobie & John Manly
Elisha Dewitt McRobie & Cerria Tasker
Melinda Jane McRobie & Henry Thomas Kight
Michael McRobie & Elizabeth Tasker
Elizabeth McRobie & John Miller Jr.
Elizabeth McRobie & Phillip H Paugh
Sarah McRobie & John Paugh
Abraham McRobie & Nancy Friend
Eleanora Silena McRobie & Samuel Kelly
Hannah McRobie & John Fry
William P. McRobie & Sarah Manley
Samuel Asbury McRobie & Sarah Weimer
Ellen McRobie & John Beckman
Hester McRobie & Joshua Mason
Lucy McRobie & William Tichenell
Susan Ann McRobie & Richard Tasker
Wade McRobie & Margaret Miller
Harriet McRobie & William E Coffman
Francis Marion McRobie & Lucy McRobie
Rhoda McRobie & John W. Harvey
Martha McRobie & Roland McRobie
Thomas R. McRobie & Elizabeth Beyer
Rachel McRobie & David Machin
Jane McRobie & Peter Bouers
Susan McRobie & Henry Bray
John J. McRobie & Susan Jane Paugh
Nancy McRobie & Claudious L. Nelder
William McRobie & Rachel Lewis

Information may include the following:
Marriage dates
Marriage bann dates
Place of ceremony