So this post doesn’t have much to do with our family tree, but I thought you all would find it interesting. I did a little digging about the McRobies in Scotland and came across this lovely little page about the Donnachaidh Clan.

Clan Donnachaidh

It’s the story of the Robertsons, one of the oldest (if not the oldest family in Scotland). The name Donnachaidh is actually Gaelic for Duncan. Duncan is considered the first chief of what was to become the Robertson line.

This quote at the bottom caught my attention:
“Other surnames taken by clansmen include Reid, Stark, Duncan, Roy, Inches, McInroy, McRobie, Collier, Donachie, MacLagan.”

I can’t say for sure if the McRobies that were living in Aberdeen have any connection to the Robertsons, or their McRobies, but there’s always a good chance.

The Donnachaidh Clan also has a website at:

If anyone would like to know without a doubt, there’s a link on the page where you receive instructions on how to take a DNA test. The test is based on the Y chromosome (for reasons explained on the site), so tests can only be done on a male member of the family.

Thought that was a fun tidbit to share.