These photos were sent to me by Flo McRobie Walker’s great grandson, Clinton Walker.  I cannot thank him enough for sharing these.

Isaac Matthew McRobie and Daughters

Isaac McRobie surrounded by his daughters (1902). Starting at the top center and moving clockwise they are: Nellie, Elsie, Stella, Pearl, Mattie, Delphia, Leafy, and Flo.


Pearl and Flo McRobie

Pearl and Flo McRobie (1905).



Walter Walker and Flo McRobie

Walter Walker and Flo McRobie in what is believed to be their wedding picture (1908).


Walter and Flo Walker and Children

Walter and Flo Walker (center) with their children. From the left: Margaret, Chester, Marion Paul, Almeda (in center), John and Harold.

Clara Arnold Foster

We believe this to be a photo of Isaac's second wife, Clara Arnold Foster, but we don't know for sure.

(If anyone can confirm this last photo one way or the other, please email me.)

Many thanks again to Clinton for sharing.