Malinda Jane McROBIE was born in 20 Apr 1829 in Maryland. Malinda was the daughter of John William and his second wife. It’s thought that his second wife died in childbirth or shortly after Malinda was born. Malinda is the only child to live to a late age out of John’s second wife’s children. She died on 30 Apr 1896. She is buried with her husband in the Kight Cemetery on Maplewood Farm in New Creek, Mineral County, West Virginia.

Malinda married Henry Thomas KIGHT III in 1850. Henry was born on 12 Nov 1828 in Maryland. He died on 25 Aug 1910 in Mineral County, West Virginia. He was the son of Henry Thomas KIGHT II and Sarah SHARPLESS. He is buried with his wife in Kight Cemetery on Maplewood Farm in New Creek, Mineral County, West Virginia. Henry was a farmer.

Malinda and Henry had the following children:
Percilla Ann KIGHT was born 29 Jun 1851 in Maryland.
Ezra KIGHT was born 6 Nov 1852 in Maryland.
Sara Frances KIGHT was born in 1854 in Maryland.
Mary Ellen KIGHT was born in 1855 in Maryland.
John Cain KIGHT was born in 1857 in Maryland.
William Sharpless KIGHT was born in 1859 in Maryland.
Benjamin C KIGHT was born in 1860 in Maryland.
Rebecca Jane KIGHT was born in 1863 in Maryland.
Lydia Margaret KIGHT was born in 1864 in Maryland.
Henry Johnson KIGHT was born in 2 Oct 1866 in Maryland.
Jacob Rotruck KIGHT was born in 12 Apr 1868 in Virginia.
Victoria Florence KIGHT was born in 29 Mar 1870 in Virginia.
Sylvia Leanna KIGHT was born in 4 Jul 1872 in Claysville, Mineral County, West Virginia.
Bailey Carlton KIGHT was born 11 Jul 1874 in Mineral County, West Virginia.

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