My newest mystery seems to surround Ola Florence Likens. She was the daughter of <a href=”″>Laura Alice Kight and Henry Grant Likens</a>. According to her birth register, she was born 20 Sep 1895 in Mineral County, West Virginia. The mystery comes with her death. According to the West Virginia death records, Ola died on 5 Oct 1895. She was 16 days old. Yet, miraculously, she appears with her father and siblings in 1910, living with her Aunt Sylvia.

Here are the records:

Birth records from West Virginia, 1895

Death record from West Virginia, 1895

1910 Census for Sylvia Leanna Kight Abernathy, Mineral County, West Virginia.

So of course, I’m royally confused. The “O. Florence” listed on the 1910 census is the correct age, so if it is indeed her, why did her parents report her dead on 16 days after her birth in 1895? Furthermore, all research on other family trees have Ola married to at least one man, Louis Ernest Bishop, and some even list two more possible husbands, George Montgomery and John Gridley. None have Ola as having any children. If ANYONE has any information that could prove the truth one way or another, please please please email!